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How to get from Cairo to Luxor

To get from Cairo to Luxor, you can use several modes of transport:

By train

The train is a popular and convenient way to travel from Cairo to Luxor, offering a pleasant and affordable travel experience. Trains depart regularly from Ramses station in Cairo and arrive at Luxor station, which is located close to the city centre.

Train travel time from Cairo to Luxor varies depending on the type of train and class of travel chosen. Regular trains take about 9 hours to reach Luxor, while night trains can take about 10-11 hours, offering a convenient option to travel while you sleep and arrive in Luxor in the morning.

There are different types of trains available to travel from Cairo to Luxor, ranging from ordinary to luxury trains. Train ticket prices vary depending on the type of train, the class of travel and the time of booking. Train tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the station, but it is recommended to book in advance to guarantee a seat.

Train tickets for regular trains can cost between 80 and 120 Egyptian pounds (about €4-6) per person, while tickets for night trains can cost between 300 and 800 Egyptian pounds (about €16-40) per person, depending on the class of travel chosen.


By air

There are daily flights from Cairo airport to Luxor airport. Airlines such as EgyptAir, Nile Air, and Air Cairo offer direct flights between these two cities.

By bus

Buses are also available for travel between Cairo and Luxor. Bus companies such as Upper Egypt Bus Co. and East Delta Bus Co. offer regular services between these two cities.